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Covariant is a leading AI robotics company specializing in automating warehouse operations. Utilizing their proprietary AI platform, Covariant Brain, they offer solutions for various tasks, including goods-to-person picking, kitting, and depalletization. Their technology enables robots to efficiently handle diverse inventory on the first day of deployment, enhancing productivity and adaptability for fulfillment centers.

Founded: 2017

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Covariant Company Overview

Founded to revolutionize warehouse automation, Covariant leverages advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and adaptability of robotic systems. The company's cornerstone technology, the Covariant Brain, is a robust AI platform powered by the RFM-1 model, trained on an extensive dataset from global warehouse operations. This enables Covariant’s robots to handle virtually any SKU or item immediately upon deployment, optimizing tasks such as goods-to-person picking, high-speed sortation, and automated kitting. Covariant’s solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing fulfillment and distribution infrastructures. Their offerings include Putwall for batch-picking and returns processing, Induction for automated sorting, and Depalletization for handling mixed-SKU pallets. By implementing fleet learning, the Covariant Brain ensures continuous improvement and adaptability to dynamic business needs. Trusted by leading fulfillment companies, Covariant’s technology addresses labor shortages and fluctuating demand, providing scalable, efficient automation. The company's dedication to cutting-edge AI research and practical robotics applications positions it at the forefront of the automation industry, driving significant advancements in warehouse operations worldwide.

Management Team

Peter Chen Co-founder & CEO
Rocky Duan Co-founder & CTO
Peter Abbeel Co-founder, President, & Chief Scientist
Tianhao Zhang Co-founder

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