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Course Hero is an online learning platform designed to empower students with a comprehensive suite of educational tools and resources. It provides access to study materials, expert tutors, and custom homework help through AI integration, enhancing academic success and facilitating personalized learning experiences.

Founded: 2006

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Course Hero, established as part of Learneo, Inc., serves as a dynamic educational resource, aiming to support students through varied academic challenges. The platform offers a robust library of educational materials that include study guides, course notes, and test prep tools. These resources are enriched with contributions from a community of students and educators, which helps in maintaining a current and extensive database. A standout feature of Course Hero is its integration of AI-driven tools that provide step-by-step solutions and personalized learning recommendations. This technological approach not only simplifies complex subjects but also offers tailored academic support that adjusts to individual learning paces and styles. Additionally, students can access one-on-one assistance from expert tutors who are available around the clock, ensuring help is at hand whenever needed. Furthermore, Course Hero encourages academic integrity while also promoting a collaborative learning environment. It includes tools for creating flashcards, proofreading assignments, and even a paraphrasing tool to help students present their original ideas more clearly. Course Hero also prioritizes accessibility and ease of use, offering mobile applications for iOS and Android, along with a Chrome extension. This mobile-first approach ensures that students can remain engaged with their studies on-the-go, making learning both flexible and convenient. Course Hero leverages innovative technology to enhance educational processes, benefiting from a strong base of active users. The platform maintains relevance with its comprehensive and constantly updated academic content, while continuously improving the user experience through technological integration. This approach helps ensure that learning remains effective and accessible in the rapidly evolving e-learning landscape.

Management Team

Andrew Grauer Co-Founder, CEO
Grego Carrigan Co-Founder, CTO
Genevieve Conaty Vice President, Design
Devin Dworak Vice President, Business Operations
Kris Espiritu Vice President, Finance
Hemant Gokhale Vice President, Engineering
Tara Graham Vice President, Educators
Andrew Nesbit Vice President, Marketing and Partnerships
Tomas Pueyo Vice President, Growth
Herriet Seitler Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer
Mabel So Chief of Staff
Josh Tyler Executive Vice President, Engineering
Steve Van Horne COO, CFO
Ankur Varma Chief Product Officer
Nick Zakula Director, Product Management

Funding Information


Course Hero Announces 52 Grants Awarded to Faculty for Tech-Based Classroom Projects

Course Hero, a popular learning platform used by over 150,000 educators, has announced the recipients of its second annual Teaching Grants for Digital Learning. Fifty-two faculty members have been awarded grants of up to $2,000 to support their tech-based classroom projects.

Course Hero, once an edtech unicorn valued at $3.6B, conducts layoffs | TechCrunch

Course Hero, a tutoring business last valued by investors at $3.6 billion, has cut 15% of staff - its first round of layoffs in 17 years.

Course Hero Appoints New CEO; Co-Founder Becomes CEO of New Parent Company, Learneo

Course Hero the popular learning platform used by a global community of students and educators, today announced John Peacock has been promoted from General Manager to Chief Executive Officer of Course Hero. Peacock was appointed to the position by Course Hero co-founder Andrew Grauer. The appointment comes as Grauer steps into the role of CEO at Learneo, a new platform of businesses that includes Course Hero in its portfolio.

Course Hero has created a corporate parent for itself and its 5 other business units

Co-founder Andrew Grauer envisions the new Learneo as being a kind of conglomerate for disparate online education services.

Course Hero Acquires Iconic Study Guides: CliffsNotes

Course Hero announced the acquisition of CliffsNotes, creator of iconic study guides that have been used by high school and college students for more than 60 years. Founded in 2006 by college student Andrew Grauer, Course Hero has grown from a resource for students to share notes into a learning platform used by a global community of students and educators that contribute and access a wide range of academic resources. The company also announced its acquisition of QuillBot, a pioneering AI-powered writing platform used by 7 million people every month to check for grammar, make citations, and improve their writing skills.