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CoreWeave is a leading cloud solutions provider specializing in GPU-accelerated computing. Offering a comprehensive range of NVIDIA GPUs, CoreWeave caters to high-performance computing needs across various industries including VFX, AI, machine learning, and more. Its infrastructure promises significantly faster performance and cost efficiency compared to traditional cloud services, backed by a robust, Kubernetes-native cloud architecture.

Founded: 2017

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Founded to address the growing need for specialized, high-performance computing resources, CoreWeave has established itself as a pivotal player in the cloud services industry, particularly in GPU-accelerated computing. The company’s infrastructure is built around a modern, Kubernetes-native cloud, which ensures that it is not only scalable but also capable of delivering GPU resources more efficiently than conventional cloud providers. CoreWeave’s product line is diverse, ranging from GPU and CPU compute solutions to fully managed Kubernetes services and virtual servers. This versatility makes it ideal for industries that demand heavy computational power, such as visual effects, machine learning, and AI. The company’s ability to offer NVIDIA’s broad range of GPUs, including the latest NVIDIA HGX H100, makes it a go-to provider for clients needing customizable and scalable compute options. The company's infrastructure is designed for rapid scaling, boasting features like triple-replicated storage and advanced networking capabilities that support high-performance computing workloads seamlessly. CoreWeave’s commitment to performance and cost-efficiency is evident in its pricing model, which claims to be up to 80% less expensive and 35x faster than traditional cloud services. Moreover, the company prides itself on reducing inference latencies and offering significant cost savings, which it achieves by leveraging its specialized hardware and software configurations. CoreWeave is not just about providing hardware; it's about creating a cohesive ecosystem where companies can scale their operations efficiently and economically. This approach is reflected in their partnerships and customer testimonials, which often highlight CoreWeave’s ability to rapidly provision resources and its impact on their operational agility and cost-effectiveness. CoreWeave exemplifies the impact of customized cloud solutions on fostering innovation and enhancing efficiency in sectors that depend on high-performance computing. The company’s focus on customer-centric solutions and its robust, flexible infrastructure make it a strong contender in the cloud computing space, particularly for those looking to leverage the power of GPUs to accelerate their applications and workflows.

Management Team

Mike Intrator CEO, Co-Founder
Brian Venturo CTO, Co-Founder
Evan Meagher CFO
Brannin McBee CSO, Co-Founder

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