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Copper CRM is a streamlined customer relationship management platform, integrated extensively with Google Workspace. This integration facilitates a seamless experience, particularly benefiting teams already familiar with Google tools. Copper automates tedious tasks, organizes contacts, and enhances team productivity by embedding CRM functions directly into Gmail and Google Calendar, making it a preferred choice for relationship-focused businesses.

Founded: 2012

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Founded with the aim of enhancing productivity and relationship management within businesses, Copper CRM has developed a niche by providing a CRM solution deeply integrated with Google Workspace. This unique approach allows users to manage emails, appointments, and other interactions directly through familiar interfaces such as Gmail and Google Calendar, significantly reducing the learning curve and increasing adoption rates. Copper offers a suite of features designed to automate routine tasks, streamline contact management, and track customer interactions and sales pipelines efficiently. This not only helps in keeping all business relationships in one central place but also aids in building personalized relationships at scale through advanced email and marketing tools. The CRM's capability to integrate with popular apps enhances its utility, making it a versatile tool for agencies, consulting firms, technology companies, and real estate professionals. The founders of Copper focused on creating a user-friendly platform that aligns with the tools businesses use daily. The result is a CRM that feels like a natural extension of Google Workspace, offering functionalities like automatic data capture from email exchanges, real-time access to interaction histories, and simplified deal tracking through customizable pipelines. Copper's approach to CRM has garnered a strong customer base, with over 30,000 companies using the platform to drive growth and manage client relations more effectively. The platform is particularly praised for its design and customizability, which cater to various industries and user preferences, making it a compelling choice for businesses looking to invest in a robust CRM solution.

Management Team

Dennis Fois CEO
M.G. Thibaut CFO
Ben Hance General Counsel
Wyndham Hudson VP of Product
Olga Lykova VP of Global Alliances
Eugen Ilie Head of Growth

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