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Convoy is a digital freight network that leverages technology to streamline the interaction between shippers and carriers. This innovative platform enhances efficiency by connecting carriers with optimal freight opportunities, thereby maximizing earnings while reducing operational costs for brokers.

Founded: 2015

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Convoy Company Overview

Founded by Flexport Freight Tech LLC, Convoy is a groundbreaking logistics platform that transforms the freight industry through technology. The platform is designed to match carriers with high-quality freight, ensuring trucks are consistently filled with preferred shipments, which enhances the profitability and operational efficiency for carriers. The free Convoy app is central to its service, offering features that automate the workflow and reduce unnecessary hassle for drivers. For brokers, Convoy promises a soon-to-be-launched service that will allow them to expand their truckload capacities while saving time and money, maintaining their status as the broker of record. This service is aimed at scaling broker operations efficiently. The platform's innovative approach helps in reducing empty miles and the associated carbon footprint, making it not only economically beneficial but also environmentally friendly. Convoy's business model focuses on creating a seamless, connected network that fosters a more sustainable and profitable freight industry. Convoy's efforts to optimize the logistics sector are supported by a robust tech foundation that provides real-time data and insights, ensuring transparency and reliability for all stakeholders involved.

Management Team

Dan Lewis CEO
Grant Goodale CTO
Ziad Ismail CPO
Brian Kreiner CFO
Diankha Linear General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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