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ConsenSys is a prominent blockchain technology company specializing in Ethereum-based software and tools. It provides a comprehensive suite of products for building on the Web3 ecosystem, including the widely used MetaMask wallet, Infura development tools, and other innovative blockchain solutions aimed at developers, enterprises, and end-users.

Founded: 2014

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ConsenSys Company Overview

Founded in 2014 by Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys has emerged as a pivotal player in the blockchain domain, especially with its focus on Ethereum technologies. The company's mission centers on revolutionizing and decentralizing the internet through a diverse suite of blockchain-based products and services. A key product from ConsenSys is MetaMask, a self-custodial wallet that supports over 100 million users annually, making it essential for accessing the decentralized web. Infura, another notable offering, simplifies the integration process for developers by providing stable API connections to the Ethereum network. Additionally, Linea offers a zkEVM rollup that significantly boosts Ethereum's scalability and reduces transaction costs. ConsenSys extends its impact beyond its product offerings by contributing to the blockchain ecosystem through educational initiatives and development tools. It also plays a critical role in shaping global regulatory frameworks to ensure the secure and responsible use of blockchain technologies. Strategically, ConsenSys is committed to empowering developers with advanced tools and envisions a future where blockchain technology underpins all digital and financial transactions. This vision is backed by its continuous push for innovation, scalability, and user accessibility. ConsenSys is integral to advancing the blockchain landscape, constantly focusing on enhancing the platform's approachability and practicality across various industries. The company's efforts to ensure that blockchain technology is foundational for the decentralized applications of the future make it a compelling entity in the blockchain space. For potential investors, ConsenSys represents a significant opportunity to engage with the future of Web3 and decentralized finance, highlighting its crucial role in the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology.

Management Team

Joseph Lubin Founder and CEO
Simon Morris Chief Strategy Officer
Rob Dawson Chief Technology Officer
Chris McKibbin Chief Operating Officer
Neal Gorevic Chief Marketing Officer
Mark Young Chief Risk Officer

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