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Commure, Inc. is a pioneering healthtech company that revolutionizes healthcare delivery through its innovative software solutions. With a focus on enhancing both clinical and financial efficiency, Commure's products, including the robust CommureOS and Commure Strongline, ensure streamlined care delivery and enhanced safety for healthcare workers.

Founded: 2017

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Commure Company Overview

Founded by a team passionate about improving healthcare through technology, Commure has quickly emerged as a leader in the healthtech industry. The company develops cutting-edge software solutions aimed at transforming healthcare systems. Their flagship product, CommureOS, is designed as an operating system for healthcare that integrates various data streams and applications, enabling better decision-making and efficiency in clinical environments. Commure's commitment to safety is evident in another of their standout products, Commure Strongline. This innovative safety badge system provides healthcare workers with an effective duress-alerting tool, enhancing workplace security and employee safety. By sending instant, silent alerts with the employee’s location to security and nearby responders, it helps de-escalate potentially violent situations swiftly. The company also focuses on boosting the clinical and financial performance of healthcare organizations through Commure Perform, a suite of applications that streamline care delivery and ensure revenue integrity. This holistic approach not only supports operational efficiency but also fosters a safer and more supportive environment for healthcare professionals. Commure’s products are widely recognized for their reliability and transformative impact, making them preferred solutions among top healthcare organizations. Under the leadership of Dr. Ashwini Zenooz, Commure continues to innovate, collaborating with leading healthcare institutions to drive advancements in the sector. Their work demonstrates a profound commitment to transforming healthcare from the inside out, positioning them at the forefront of healthtech innovation.

Management Team

Ashwini Zenooz, MD CEO
Abjijit Mitra Chief Product and Engineering Officer
Saurabha Bhatnagar, MD Chief Health Officer
Chris Kuhns Chief Financial Officer

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