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CommerceIQ is a leading retail ecommerce management platform that leverages machine learning, analytics, and automation to optimize e-commerce operations. The company specializes in digital shelf analytics, ecommerce sales management, retail media management, profit recovery automation, and market share measurement. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, CommerceIQ helps brands enhance their online presence and profitability across major retail channels.

Founded: 2018

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CommerceIQ Company Overview

CommerceIQ, also known as Boomerang Commerce, specializes in AI-driven e-commerce management, offering an integrated platform designed to enhance retail performance on major e-commerce channels. By leveraging advanced machine learning, analytics, and automation technologies, CommerceIQ enables brands to optimize various aspects of their online presence and operations. The company’s platform encompasses a range of tools aimed at improving retail efficiency and profitability. Digital shelf analytics provide insights into product visibility and positioning, helping brands maintain competitive edge by ensuring their products are prominently displayed and easily discoverable. E-commerce sales management streamlines sales operations, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of selling activities across multiple online platforms. Retail media management focuses on optimizing advertising and promotional strategies, ensuring that marketing efforts are both impactful and cost-effective. A key component of CommerceIQ's offering is its profit recovery automation, which automates the process of reclaiming shortages and reducing chargeback deductions. This not only helps in recovering lost revenue but also in maintaining healthy profit margins. The company serves a broad spectrum of industries, including consumer packaged goods, electronics, furniture, home goods, and groceries, providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each sector. CommerceIQ’s platform is designed to deliver actionable insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making for brands. By automating critical processes, the platform allows businesses to focus on strategic growth initiatives rather than being bogged down by operational challenges. The integration of AI and machine learning technologies ensures that CommerceIQ’s solutions remain cutting-edge, adapting to the dynamic nature of the e-commerce landscape. The company's continuous innovation and comprehensive suite of tools have established it as a leader in the e-commerce management space. With a focus on driving efficiency, profitability, and market share growth for brands, CommerceIQ continues to expand its influence and capabilities, helping clients navigate and succeed in the competitive world of online retail​.

Management Team

Guru Hariharan Chief Executive Officer
Jaya Jaware Chief Financial Officer
Kal Raman President
Frank Lannotti Chief Revenue Officer
Nirjar Sanghavi SVP of Marketing

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