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Color Health, Inc. is a pioneering health technology company specializing in comprehensive cancer care solutions. Partnering with the American Cancer Society, Color combines advanced genomic screening with proactive cancer management to enhance early detection and improve healthcare outcomes. Their services cater to employers, unions, and individuals, emphasizing accessibility and integration of care to reduce cancer-related health costs and improve survival rates.

Founded: 2015

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Founded with a mission to make precision health accessible and cost-effective, Color Health, Inc. is at the forefront of integrating genetic technology with standardized healthcare. Their collaboration with the American Cancer Society underscores their commitment to enhancing cancer detection and management through innovative, science-based solutions. Color's primary offerings revolve around genomic health services, including cancer screening and cardiometabolic health, designed to detect risks early when they are most manageable. The company’s products are specifically developed to be seamlessly integrated into regular medical care, enabling employers, healthcare providers, and unions to offer these advanced health solutions as part of their benefits packages. The founders of Color envisioned a health system that eliminates traditional barriers to efficient care such as logistical difficulties, high costs, and technological complexities. They have built a robust platform that supports not only genetic testing but also comprehensive care management. This includes everything from initial risk assessment and screening to follow-up diagnostics and continuous health monitoring. Their approach ensures personalized care plans, driven by deep data insights and led by a nationwide network of healthcare professionals. Color's impact is measurable in its substantial adoption rates and satisfaction scores among users. The company reports high participation in preventive health programs and significant improvements in screening adherence. These metrics highlight the effectiveness of their model in fostering early detection and ongoing health engagement, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and reduced costs. The company has also established significant partnerships with major organizations like the National Institutes of Health and notable corporate clients, demonstrating their capability to scale solutions to meet diverse and extensive needs. Through these collaborations, Color not only extends its reach but also amplifies its impact, contributing to broader public health goals and supporting research and development in the fight against cancer. Color leverages cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to redefine preventive healthcare, making early detection and effective management of cancer more accessible and affordable.

Management Team

Othman Laraki Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Caroline Savello President
Michael Herring Chief Financial Officer & Advisor
Stephan Meyer- Ewald Chief People Officer
Scott Topper Ph.D Chief Clinical Operations Officer
Gabriel Stricker Chief Communications Officer
Alicia Zhou Ph.D Chief Science Officer
Elad Gil Ph.D Co-Founder & Chairman

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