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Collective Health is a pioneering health benefits company offering a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the administration of self-funded health plans. With a focus on integrating technology and personalized service, they enhance plan navigation, advocacy, and overall management for employers and employees alike.

Collective Health Company Overview

Founded with the vision to revolutionize health benefits, Collective Health provides an integrated solution that simplifies the management of self-funded health plans. This transformative platform assists employers by consolidating various health benefits into a single, coherent system, facilitating both plan administration and member engagement through advanced technology and personalized service. The company targets a diverse clientele, including employers, employees, brokers, and consultants, emphasizing a seamless benefits experience that caters to both small businesses and large enterprises. By leveraging a robust technology platform, Collective Health allows organizations to customize their health plans with hundreds of partners, ensuring that each plan fits the unique needs of their workforce. Key features of Collective Health's offering include a member app, which provides users with intuitive navigation and advocacy services, and a complex care management system designed to address more serious health issues efficiently. The platform also boasts high employer and member satisfaction rates, evidenced by a substantial reduction in healthcare costs and a remarkably high Net Promoter Score compared to industry averages. At its core, Collective Health's model is built around a commitment to improve healthcare outcomes while reducing costs, making it a preferred choice for companies seeking to provide high-quality, financially manageable health benefits. The company's leadership team, comprising experts with diverse backgrounds in healthcare and technology, continues to drive innovation and excellence in the health benefits landscape.

Management Team

Ali Diab CEO
Rajaie Batniji Chief Health Officer
Ken Hahn CFO
Scott Murray Chief Experience Officer
Haleigh Tebben Chief Business Development and Partnerships Officer
Ron Bell Chief Legal Officer
Susan Dybbs VP of Product and Design
Hope Kragh VP of Client Success

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