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Cohere is a leading provider of enterprise-level artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, specializing in generative AI, search and discovery, and advanced retrieval technologies. Their AI models are tailored to enhance business operations, making them a cornerstone for companies aiming to leverage AI for scalability and efficiency in competitive markets.

Founded: 2019

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Cohere Company Overview

Founded with the mission to harness AI for global business enhancement, Cohere offers a robust platform designed for the intricacies of enterprise requirements. Their product suite includes innovative models like Cohere Command, Cohere Embed, and Cohere Rerank, each serving distinct functions that drive industry-leading performance in AI applications. Cohere Command is engineered for building scalable, production-ready AI applications, enabling companies to integrate cutting-edge AI into their core operations seamlessly. Cohere Embed focuses on maximizing the potential of enterprise data with its high-performance embedding model that supports over 100 languages, facilitating effective and precise data utilization across diverse business landscapes. Meanwhile, Cohere Rerank excels in delivering accurate responses, enhancing the reliability of data-driven decisions. Deployment flexibility is a significant aspect of Cohere's offerings, providing options for cloud or on-premises operations, ensuring that businesses can implement AI solutions in alignment with their data security and governance frameworks. This adaptability makes Cohere a preferred partner for enterprises looking to innovate responsibly with AI technologies. Additionally, Cohere is deeply invested in the ethical development and deployment of AI, offering extensive resources for developers and businesses to learn and integrate AI responsibly into their systems. Their commitment extends beyond business applications, aiming to make intelligence more abundant, affordable, and accessible, ultimately serving humanity by leveraging technology for positive global impact.

Management Team

Aidan Gomez Co-Founder & CEO
Nick Frosst Co-Founder
Ivan Zhang Co-Founder
Martin Kon President & COO
Jaron Waldman CPO

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