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Cogito specializes in real-time AI-driven solutions for contact centers, leveraging emotional intelligence and behavioral science to optimize customer interactions. Founded from MIT Media Lab innovations, Cogito's technology enhances communication effectiveness between agents and customers across industries like healthcare, insurance, and finance, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. Their suite includes tools for real-time agent coaching and deep insights into customer and employee experiences.

Founded: 2007

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Cogito Company Overview

Founded in 2007 as a spinout from the MIT Media Lab, Cogito Corp has been at the forefront of applying AI to improve human interactions in high-pressure environments like customer service centers. The company’s AI-powered platform, developed initially to help healthcare providers detect early signs of PTSD in veterans, now serves a wide array of sectors including healthcare, insurance, and financial services. Cogito's product suite includes tools like Cogito Companion, which provides real-time coaching and feedback to agents during calls, and Cogito Intelligence, which offers insights into customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) through data analysis. The platform's ability to analyze over 200 acoustic and lexical signals in real-time helps agents enhance communication effectiveness, thereby improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Key to Cogito’s innovation is its focus on 'Emotion AI', which assists agents in understanding and responding to the emotional state of customers during interactions. This capability not only aids in customer retention by personalizing the service experience but also boosts agent morale and productivity by offering support in stressful job roles. Furthermore, Cogito’s offerings are highly adaptable to various operational scales, demonstrated by its deployment across some of the largest contact centers in the world, including several Fortune 25 companies. The company remains committed to its mission of empowering human connections through advanced AI, continuously updating its technology to meet the dynamic needs of global enterprises and their customers.

Management Team

Joshua Feast Co-Founder, CEO
Ali Azarbayejani Co-Founder, CTO
David Sudbey President, Chief Customer Officer
Jim Gomez SVP of Client Services
Shawn Hoyt VP of People, Office Operations, and Legal
Konstantinos Kalabokis VP of Software Development
Steve Kraus SVP of Marketing, Product and Finance
Greg Neville VP of IT and Security
Jim Nystrom Chief Sales Officer
Skyler Place Chief Behavioral Science Officer
Martha Sager Vice President, Business Development
John Kane Distinguished Scientist, Machine Learning
Sandy Pentland Scientific Visionary, Co-Founder

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