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Code42 specializes in data security solutions, focusing on insider threat management. Its flagship product, Incydr, offers advanced data protection by monitoring and responding to data exfiltration activities. Code42 serves various industries, including technology, government, and manufacturing, providing tailored security measures to safeguard intellectual property and prevent data loss.

Founded: 2001

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Code42 is an industry leader in insider threat detection, data security, and IP protection. Founded with a mission to mitigate data risks associated with insider threats, Code42 has developed Incydr, a SaaS solution that provides visibility, context, and control over data exfiltration attempts. Incydr distinguishes itself through capabilities that detect and respond to data theft from the moment it happens, whether through cloud or endpoint exfiltration. The solution is designed for a variety of use cases, including protection against IP theft, handling data risks associated with departing employees, and combating unauthorized use of shadow IT. Code42's approach integrates seamlessly with existing security tech stacks, enhancing the efficacy of DLP, CASB, UEBA, and IRM systems by consolidating data protection strategies. Targeting industries such as software and technology, life sciences, business services, manufacturing, and the federal government, Code42 addresses specific challenges these sectors face in protecting their sensitive data. Furthermore, Code42 is recognized for its commitment to innovation and excellence in data security, evidenced by numerous awards and accolades in the cybersecurity field. In addition to its core products, Code42 offers extensive support and educational resources through Code42 University and a robust support center, ensuring clients can maximize the value of Incydr. This commitment to customer success is complemented by a strong focus on compliance and privacy, making Code42 a trusted partner in insider threat management and data security solutions.

Management Team

Joe Payne President, CEO
John Emerick Chief Financial Officer
Alexandra Gobbi Chief Marketing Officer
Eric Wansong Chief Customer Officer

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