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Cockroach Labs specializes in the development and support of CockroachDB, a cloud-native, distributed SQL database designed for resilience and scalability. The platform ensures high availability, robust transactional integrity, and multi-region distribution, making it ideal for mission-critical applications across various industries, including finance, gaming, and retail.

Founded: 2015

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Cockroach Labs is the innovator behind CockroachDB, a leading distributed SQL database engineered for online transaction processing (OLTP). The company's database solution excels in providing horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and resilience, enabling businesses to build reliable and scalable applications. CockroachDB is designed to handle the demands of global enterprises, supporting multi-active availability and offering low-latency access across multiple cloud environments. Founded on the principles of scalability and reliability, Cockroach Labs aims to deliver a database that ensures data remains consistent and available, even in the face of hardware failures, network partitions, and other potential disruptions. The database features comprehensive SQL support, making it compatible with existing SQL-based applications and easier for developers to adopt. Cockroach Labs has garnered trust from numerous industry leaders in sectors such as finance, gaming, and e-commerce, underscoring the database's capability to support high-volume, critical workloads that require robust data consistency and uptime. In addition to its core database technology, Cockroach Labs offers a range of support services and training through Cockroach University, helping users optimize their use of CockroachDB. The company continues to innovate, focusing on enhancements that improve data handling across distributed systems, thereby facilitating smooth and efficient application performance worldwide.

Management Team

Spencer Kimball Co-Founder and CEO
Benjamin Darnell Co-Founder and Chief Architect

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