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CloudBees is a leading enterprise software delivery platform that empowers organizations to innovate at speed and scale. Leveraging advanced DevSecOps capabilities, CloudBees optimizes the entire software delivery lifecycle, facilitating cloud-native transformations. Their comprehensive suite includes CI/CD, feature management, and security and compliance tools, designed to streamline development processes and enhance productivity.

Founded: 2010

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CloudBees is a pivotal force in the software delivery sector, specializing in continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solutions. At its core, CloudBees extends Jenkins, the widely adopted open-source automation server, to provide robust enterprise-grade capabilities. This enhancement addresses the complexities of scaling Jenkins for enterprise needs, including high availability and scalability. The product offerings from CloudBees are diverse and cater to various aspects of DevSecOps, which integrates security practices within the DevOps process. Key products include CloudBees CI, a next-generation continuous integration solution, CloudBees CD for continuous delivery, and CloudBees Feature Management for toggling and managing software features dynamically. Moreover, the CloudBees platform supports security and compliance across the software delivery lifecycle, ensuring that applications are not only delivered quickly but also securely. CloudBees stands out in the market by providing an integrated platform that supports developers from code to customer. This platform enables teams to deploy software faster, with built-in checks for security and compliance at every development stage. CloudBees' approach minimizes developer toil by providing self-service access to secure workflows and automated tools, which accelerates the deployment and release processes. Customer testimonials highlight significant efficiency gains, such as reduced development cycles and time savings, attributed to the streamlined workflows and automation capabilities of CloudBees' solutions. Prominent companies like Autodesk and Salesforce have leveraged CloudBees to enhance their software delivery and DevOps transformations. By continually expanding its product line and enhancing existing solutions, CloudBees demonstrates a commitment to innovation and leadership in the DevSecOps space. As businesses increasingly adopt cloud-native technologies, CloudBees' role as an enabler of digital transformation becomes more critical, offering tools that are not only powerful and scalable but also integrative and user-centric.

Management Team

Sacha Labourey Co-Founder, CEO
Matt Parson CFO
François Déchery Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

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