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ClearMotion is a pioneering automotive technology company specializing in revolutionary active suspension systems. Their flagship products, ClearMotion1 and RoadMotion, utilize advanced software and electro-hydraulic mechanisms to enhance vehicle comfort, performance, and safety, promising a transformative in-cabin experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Founded: 2009

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ClearMotion Company Overview

Founded with a vision to redefine vehicular dynamics, ClearMotion develops cutting-edge active suspension technologies aimed at revolutionizing the in-cabin experience. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional facilities in the UK for system testing and a new manufacturing plant in Changshu, China, to manage production and quality control. ClearMotion's innovative approach involves a software-centric, electro-hydraulic core known as the Activalve, which is crucial to their product lineup, including the flagship ClearMotion1 and RoadMotion systems. The company's leadership includes CEO Christian Steinmann, who focuses on industrialization and scaling operations, and CTO Zack Anderson, a co-founder overseeing the integration of mechanical, electrical, and control engineering. Their executive team is rounded out by experts in various domains, from sales to systems engineering, all contributing to the firm's mission of enhancing automotive comfort and safety through technology. ClearMotion emphasizes a culture of innovation and resilience, attracting top talent who share a commitment to transform the automotive experience. Their strategic global placement and investment in state-of-the-art facilities underscore their commitment to delivering superior products tailored to contemporary mobility needs, making them a significant player in the automotive industry.

Management Team

Christian Steinmann CEO
Shakeel Avadhany CBO and Co-Founder
Zack Anderson CTO and Co-Founder
Scott Sober VP of Operations
Angela Cheng-Cimini VP of Human Resources & People Operations

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