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Claroty is a leading cybersecurity company specializing in protecting cyber-physical systems across various industries, including industrial, healthcare, commercial, and public sectors. Their platform provides visibility, threat detection, and secure remote access for interconnected devices in the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT), ensuring operational resilience and cyber resilience.

Founded: 2015

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Claroty Company Overview

Claroty focuses on securing cyber-physical systems (CPS) in diverse sectors such as industrial, healthcare, commercial, and public services. The company’s platform is designed to address the unique cybersecurity needs of these interconnected environments, collectively known as the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). Claroty’s comprehensive suite includes solutions like xDome, Secure Remote Access (SRA), and Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), which provide unparalleled visibility, protection, and threat detection capabilities. Claroty’s products are built to ensure operational resilience by fortifying networks against disruptions and enabling quick response and recovery from cyber incidents. Their technology allows for seamless asset discovery, network protection, exposure management, and threat detection, offering a holistic approach to cybersecurity. The platform’s modularity ensures that it can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any organization’s cybersecurity journey. The company was co-founded by Amir Zilberstein, Benny Porat, and Galina Antova, who brought together their extensive experience in cybersecurity and industrial systems. Claroty has formed strategic alliances with numerous technology partners to enhance its cybersecurity offerings and has been recognized with multiple industry awards for its innovative solutions. By focusing on CPS security, Claroty helps organizations navigate the complexities of digital transformation while maintaining the integrity and safety of their critical operations. Their research arm, Team82, contributes to the broader cybersecurity community by identifying vulnerabilities and advancing threat intelligence, further solidifying Claroty’s position as a leader in securing the new industrial revolution.

Management Team

Yaniv Vardi CEO
Udi Bar Sela CFO
Jonathan Langer COO
Upa Campbell CMO
Simon Chassar CRO
Galina Antova Chief Business Development Officer, Co-Founder
Grant Geyer CPO

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