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Clarify Health is a healthcare analytics company that leverages advanced technology to enhance clinical and operational performance across the healthcare sector. Their platform, Clarify Atlas, provides deep insights into patient journeys, market dynamics, and price transparency, helping health plans, providers, and life sciences achieve better outcomes and efficiencies.

Clarify Company Overview

Clarify Health is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery and payment through innovative analytics and technology. Their flagship platform, Clarify Atlas, leverages extensive datasets, mapping over 300 million unique patient lives and 4 billion care journeys to provide comprehensive insights. This platform assists healthcare organizations, including health plans, providers, and life sciences, in optimizing performance, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes. Clarify Atlas offers a range of functionalities, such as patient journey mapping, market dynamics analysis, and price transparency tools. These features enable clients to identify high-performing providers, optimize network designs, and engage in value-based care decisions. By focusing on key metrics like rate negotiations and patient acquisition strategies, Clarify Health drives strategic growth and enhances healthcare delivery efficiency. The company’s mission is to illuminate pathways to better health outcomes by supporting the transition to value-based care. Their solutions ensure high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare by providing precise, actionable insights that help healthcare organizations make informed decisions. Clarify Health's innovative approach empowers clients to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare, ultimately aiming to improve the overall healthcare system's effectiveness and efficiency. Through their advanced analytics capabilities, Clarify Health is paving the way for a more transparent and patient-centric healthcare environment.

Management Team

Jean Drouin, MD Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Founder and Chief Executive Officer Founder and President
Jeff Meister Chief Financial Officer
Nishta Giallorenzo Chief Marketing Officer
Adrienne Cooper Chief People Officer
Sam Bauknight Chief Product Officer
Niall Brennan Chief Analytics and Privacy Officer
Justin Warner Chief Technology Officer

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