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Clari is an innovative technology company specializing in AI-driven revenue operations platforms designed to enhance the efficiency of go-to-market teams. Their solutions help businesses automate data processes, improve forecasting accuracy, and optimize team performance across various functions including sales, marketing, and finance.

Founded: 2013

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Founded in Silicon Valley, Clari has rapidly established itself as a leader in the field of revenue operations through its sophisticated use of artificial intelligence. The platform offers a comprehensive suite designed to streamline the revenue cycle from end to end, greatly enhancing efficiency and accuracy for go-to-market teams. Clari's technology excels in automating data capture and maintaining high data quality, crucial for reliable analytics and decision-making. The platform's robust features support dynamic sales engagement and facilitate effective prospecting efforts, ensuring that sales teams can maximize their interactions and opportunities. Through advanced tools for opportunity management, Clari provides deep visibility into sales pipelines, allowing teams to inspect and manage sales opportunities more effectively. Additionally, the platform's state-of-the-art forecasting capabilities offer precise predictions about sales outcomes, helping companies to plan better and manage resources more efficiently. Clari's solutions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of various industries, including technology, healthcare, and financial services, addressing unique sector-specific challenges. This customization ensures that each client's revenue operation is optimized for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The company's leadership is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in AI, machine learning, and revenue cycle management. This skilled team drives Clari's continuous innovation and market expansion, keeping the company at the forefront of the revenue operations space. Clari's impact on the market is significant, with many clients reporting substantial improvements in operational efficiency and revenue growth. The platform's effectiveness is further evidenced by its high user adoption rates and positive reviews across prominent industry analysts' reports and client testimonials. With its comprehensive features, industry-specific solutions, and a strong foundation in AI, Clari is an indispensable tool for businesses looking to enhance their revenue operations and achieve greater market success.

Management Team

Andy Byrne CEO
Venkat Rangan CTO
Cornelius Willis CMO
Alyssa Filter CFO
Kevin Knieriem CRO
Laura MacKinnon Chief People Officer

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