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Clara is a leading financial technology company in Latin America, specializing in comprehensive spend management solutions for businesses. Offering a suite of services including corporate cards, accounts payable, expense management, and financing options, Clara aims to simplify and optimize financial operations across diverse industries. With robust security measures and seamless integration capabilities, Clara provides valuable financial insights and efficiency to its clients.

Founded: 2020

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Founded in Mexico, Clara has emerged as a premier fintech platform in Latin America, dedicated to transforming business financial management through its innovative spend management solutions. Clara's core offerings include corporate credit cards, digital accounts, and a comprehensive expense management platform that integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for enhanced financial transparency and control. The company's flagship product, Clara Cards, offers businesses a range of corporate credit solutions from traditional cards to Clara Black, a premium option. These cards are designed to facilitate corporate spending and streamline expense reports. Furthermore, Clara's digital wallets and accounts payable services support both national and international payments, ensuring global transaction capabilities for its clients. Clara's platform leverages artificial intelligence to provide real-time transactional intelligence and financial insights, helping companies manage their spending more effectively. The expense management system includes features for invoice linkage and ERP integration, which are crucial for maintaining accurate financial records and compliance. Security is a top priority for Clara, with robust measures in place to protect client data and transactions. The company also offers tailored financial solutions for various business sizes and types, including enterprises, startups, and SMEs. Specific solutions cater to diverse needs such as travel expenses, fuel purchases, digital marketing costs, and petty cash management. Behind Clara's success is a team of visionary founders and leaders who have steered the company through significant milestones, including expansion into multiple Latin American markets. Clara's commitment to innovation and customer service excellence has earned it the trust of thousands of prominent companies in the region. Clara continues to grow and adapt, constantly developing new tools and services to meet the evolving financial needs of modern businesses. Its dedication to simplifying corporate finance resonates across its operations, making it a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance their financial operations.

Management Team

Gerry Giacomán Colyer Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Rodrigo Aparicio Chief Financial Officer
Diego García Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
André Santoro Chief Risk Officer

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