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Citizen operates as a personal safety network that provides real-time alerts from 911 calls and user reports, helping individuals stay informed about nearby emergencies and threats. The platform allows users to access live updates, connect with their communities, and enhance personal and public safety through increased situational awareness.

Founded: 2017

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Citizen Company Overview

Founded with the mission to make communities safer and more informed, Citizen is a pioneering personal safety network that taps into real-time data from emergency services and user-generated content. The platform is designed to send instant alerts about nearby incidents, ranging from fires and crimes to missing persons and natural disasters, directly to a user's mobile device. Citizen enables individuals to gain immediate access to safety alerts, live video streams, and community updates, enhancing their ability to respond to or avoid potential dangers. Through its interface, users can also contribute to public safety by sharing live updates and reporting incidents as they unfold, making the network a collaborative tool for community security. The founders of Citizen envisioned a system where technology empowers individuals with the knowledge to protect themselves, their families, and their communities more effectively. This vision is realized through features that include GPS tracking for friends and family, which provide peace of mind when loved ones are away from home. Moreover, the platform has proven instrumental for emergency responders and law enforcement agencies, who use the app to optimize their responses and operational strategies based on real-time information and community input. The app’s capability to broadcast live footage and receive user comments has facilitated quicker resolutions to critical incidents, such as abductions and accidents. Citizen's commitment to enhancing safety and transparency in communities is reflected in its widespread adoption across various U.S. cities and its continuous development of new features to serve its growing user base. The platform remains dedicated to its mission of fostering a safer, more connected world through technology and real-time data.

Management Team

Luis Samaniego Co-Founder, Design
Andrew Frame Co-Founder, CEO
Praveen Arichandran Head of Growth
Keith Peiris Head of Product
Wiktor Macura Head of Engineering
Lenny BeckRoda Head of Central Ops
Emily Eckert Chief of Staff

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