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CircleCI is a leading platform in continuous integration and delivery, optimizing software development processes across various environments. Known for its high-speed performance and scalable infrastructure, CircleCI supports seamless collaboration and integration with popular tools like AWS, GitHub, and Slack, enhancing productivity and ensuring high-quality software deployment with confidence.

Founded: 2011

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Founded to streamline software development cycles, CircleCI stands out in the CI/CD market by offering a robust platform that accelerates build, test, and deployment processes. The platform is designed to cater to developers’ needs across different languages and frameworks, making it versatile for both small projects and enterprise-grade applications. CircleCI’s appeal lies in its ability to integrate with a vast array of development tools and services, including major names like AWS, GitHub, Slack, and more, which facilitates a more efficient workflow and a smoother continuous integration process. Key features of CircleCI include a generous offering of 6,000 free build minutes per month, which allows teams to get started without upfront costs. The platform also boasts advanced security credentials, being FedRAMP certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant, ensuring that all projects are built and maintained with the highest security standards. Furthermore, CircleCI offers extensive support through their team of DevOps professionals, ready to assist with implementations at scale. Many well-known companies have endorsed CircleCI, noting significant improvements in their deployment times and overall engineering efficiency. This broad industry adoption underscores CircleCI’s capacity to meet diverse developmental needs and its commitment to innovation in software development practices.

Management Team

Jim Rose CEO
Rob Zuber CTO
Chirtra Balasubramanian CFO
June Ko Chief Legal Officer

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