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Chief is an exclusive network designed specifically for female executives to enhance their leadership capabilities. This influential platform connects members with peers in VP and C-suite positions across various industries, offering one-on-one executive coaching, personal advisory boards, and access to specialized programs aimed at shattering the glass ceiling in corporate leadership.

Founded: 2019

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Founded with the vision to elevate women in leadership positions, Chief operates as a pivotal network for female executives seeking to expand their influence and career opportunities. This private network has earned recognition as one of TIME's 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023, emphasizing its significant impact on corporate leadership dynamics. Chief caters specifically to women in VP and C-suite roles, representing over 10,000 companies, including 77% of Fortune 100 companies. The network boasts that 40% of its members hold C-suite positions within their organizations, underlining its elite status and the high caliber of its members. By providing a platform for these leaders, Chief facilitates a unique blend of networking, professional development, and strategic career advancement opportunities. Members of Chief gain access to a broad range of benefits designed to foster growth and advancement. These include one-on-one executive coaching, which provides personalized guidance and support; the ability to build a personal board of advisors consisting of fellow members with diverse experiences and insights; and exclusive programming that includes workshops, seminars, and events specifically tailored to enhance leadership skills and industry knowledge. The organization's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is also a cornerstone of its mission, ensuring that its members have the resources and support necessary to succeed in traditionally male-dominated spheres. Through this focused approach, Chief not only supports individual career advancement but also contributes to the broader goal of changing the face of leadership in the business world. Chief leverages its powerful network and specialized services to support and propel women to the highest echelons of business leadership, thereby fostering a new era of inclusive and effective corporate governance.

Management Team

Lindsay Kaplan Chief Brand Officer, Co-Founder
Carolyn Childers CEO, Co-Founder
Coralie Witter CFO

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