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CHEQ is a global leader in Go-to-Market Security, specializing in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions designed to safeguard digital marketing and operational assets from automated and human-driven threats. Through advanced technology, CHEQ offers unmatched security across customer journeys, ensuring marketing effectiveness, data privacy, and compliance are fortified against various digital risks.

Founded: 2016

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CHEQ Company Overview

CHEQ was established with the vision of becoming a pivotal force in securing digital business operations, particularly within the marketing and customer acquisition realms. As the landscape of digital threats evolved, CHEQ stepped forward to offer robust, tailored solutions aimed at protecting companies from invalid traffic, bot activities, and fraud in their go-to-market strategies. At its core, CHEQ provides a suite of security services that cover several critical areas: On-Site Security, Marketing Intelligence Security, Customer Acquisition Security, and Privacy Compliance Enforcement. These services are designed to secure websites, sign-up processes, and marketing data against unauthorized scrapers, account takeovers, and various frauds such as lead generation fraud and chargeback fraud. For instance, their On-Site Security service helps secure websites and digital assets by managing and blocking bot-driven activity, ensuring the integrity of user interactions and data. CHEQ's proprietary platform employs advanced analytics and machine learning to analyze threats in real-time, offering clients detailed insights into the nature and source of digital threats. This technological prowess is supported by the aggregation of data from over 21 trillion events and monitoring across 90,000 websites, which allows CHEQ to maintain a dynamic and updated defense system against emerging digital threats. The founders of CHEQ, whose backgrounds blend deep cybersecurity knowledge with digital marketing expertise, emphasize the importance of maintaining user trust and compliance with evolving privacy laws. The company's commitment to innovation and customer success is reflected in its rapid adoption by over 15,000 brands globally, which rely on CHEQ to secure their marketing and operational endeavors. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, with additional offices in New York, Tokyo, London, and Miami, CHEQ continues to expand its reach and capabilities, driving forward its mission to safeguard the digital go-to-market processes of organizations around the world. By focusing on specialized security solutions that cater to the unique challenges of digital marketing environments, CHEQ ensures that its clients can confidently manage their online presence without compromising on security or compliance.

Management Team

Guy Tytunovich CEO, Co-Founder
Ehud Levy Chairman, Co-Founder
Asaf Botovsky CTO, Co-Founder
Omri Tamir President, COO
Daniel Avital Chief Strategy Officer
Assaf Dar Chief Product Officer

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