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Chargebee is an innovative Revenue Growth Management platform designed for subscription businesses. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage subscriptions, billing, and invoicing, alongside specialized features for revenue recognition and churn reduction. Chargebee supports businesses across various industries including B2B SaaS, e-commerce, and e-learning, providing solutions to effectively acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships globally.

Founded: 2011

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ChargeBee Company Overview

Chargebee was established with a mission to streamline the complexities of subscription billing and revenue management. This platform is designed to cater primarily to subscription-based businesses, offering robust solutions for billing, receivables management, revenue recognition (RevRec), and customer retention. Chargebee’s platform is highly versatile, integrating easily with various payment gateways, CRM systems, and other essential business tools, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to scale their operations globally. The service is trusted by over 6,500 businesses across 227 countries and territories, reflecting its broad appeal and effectiveness. The company’s foundation is built upon a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses transitioning to or managing subscription models. This understanding has driven the development of features like automated billing cycles, usage-based billing, proration, and custom quotes. These features ensure that businesses can adapt to customer needs and market demands with flexibility and precision. Chargebee's subscription management tools are particularly noteworthy. They include a product catalog, feature provisioning, trial and self-serve management, email notifications, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. These tools are designed to enhance the customer experience and provide businesses with critical insights into their operations. For payment management, Chargebee offers chargeback management, dunning management, checkout and in-app purchases, and supports multiple payment methods. This comprehensive payment infrastructure is designed to reduce friction in the payment process, ensuring smooth transaction experiences for end users. Chargebee also places a strong emphasis on compliance and data security, making it a reliable choice for businesses concerned with meeting stringent regulatory standards. The platform supports GAAP-compliant revenue recognition, which is critical for businesses needing to adhere to financial regulations. The strategic resources provided by Chargebee, including webinars, podcasts, guides, and a learning hub, aim to educate and empower business leaders and financial teams. This educational approach underscores Chargebee’s commitment to not just being a software provider, but a partner in its clients’ growth. Chargebee continues to innovate and adapt, focusing on new integrations and capabilities that anticipate the evolving needs of subscription businesses. This proactive approach ensures that Chargebee remains at the forefront of Revenue Growth Management technology, helping businesses not only manage but also maximize their subscription revenue efficiently.

Management Team

Krishnamoorthy Subramanian Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Michael Beach Chief Financial Officer
Rajaraman Santhanam Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & Board Member
Saravanan Ponnuswamy Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Board Member
Adam Tesan Chief Revenue Officer

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