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CertiK is a leading blockchain security firm specializing in auditing smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and Web3 applications. Founded by Yale and Columbia professors, CertiK offers services like code security audits, penetration testing, formal verification, and continuous monitoring. Their innovative solutions ensure the integrity and security of blockchain projects, making them a trusted name in the industry.

Founded: 2018

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CertiK Company Overview

CertiK is a pioneering blockchain security firm dedicated to safeguarding the Web3 world. Leveraging formal verification technology, CertiK offers comprehensive auditing services for smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and decentralized applications. Their suite of services includes code security audits, penetration testing, formal verification, and continuous on-chain monitoring, ensuring the highest standards of security and transparency for blockchain projects. CertiK's flagship products, such as CertiK Skynet and SkyInsights, provide real-time insights and continuous monitoring, enhancing the security of blockchain ecosystems. Skynet offers proactive monitoring and analysis, helping detect and mitigate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. SkyInsights focuses on compliance, AML/KYT, and risk management, providing a holistic approach to blockchain security. The company has garnered trust across the industry through its rigorous auditing process and cutting-edge technology. CertiK's notable audits include major projects on the BNB Chain, LINE Blockchain, and contributions to Samsung's mobile blockchain solutions. Their innovative approach has identified tens of thousands of vulnerabilities, highlighting their expertise in detecting and addressing security flaws. In addition to their technical services, CertiK is committed to advancing the field of blockchain security through research and education. They collaborate with academic institutions and industry partners to develop new security standards and best practices, contributing to the broader blockchain community. CertiK's impact is reflected in their extensive client base and the significant market cap of the projects they have assessed. By providing robust security solutions, CertiK plays a crucial role in fostering trust and reliability in the decentralized world. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, CertiK remains at the forefront, dedicated to ensuring the security and integrity of blockchain technologies.

Management Team

Zhong Shao Co-Founder
Ronghui Gu Co-Founder, CEO
Yaxin Cao COO
Kang Li Chief Security Officer
Muhan Zou Chief Strategy Officer
Zhaozhong Ni CTO
Jason Jiang Chief Business Officer
Kevin Liu Chief Product Officer

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