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Cerebras Systems is a prominent innovator in AI technology, specializing in hardware and software solutions that dramatically accelerate the pace of artificial intelligence computations. The company is renowned for developing the largest and most powerful AI processors in the industry, encapsulated in their flagship CS series of AI supercomputers. These systems are designed to optimize the training of large-scale AI models, catering to sectors including healthcare, energy, and government.

Founded: 2015

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Founded by a team of distinguished computer architects and AI experts, Cerebras Systems has quickly ascended as a pivotal player in the high-performance AI compute sector. The company’s origin traces back to the collective vision and expertise of its founders, including CEO Andrew Feldman and CTO Gary Lauterbach, both of whom brought significant experience from their previous roles in companies such as SeaMicro and AMD. Cerebras is best known for its revolutionary CS-2 system, equipped with the Wafer Scale Engine (WSE), the largest processor of its kind designed specifically for AI work. This product has set a new standard in the industry, providing unmatched capabilities in processing speed and efficiency for AI model training applicable across various fields including healthcare, energy, and governmental sectors. The advancement continued with the introduction of the CS-3 system, which offers even greater improvements in memory bandwidth and processing cores, ensuring substantial gains over traditional computing setups. The company’s innovation trajectory is exemplified by their latest development, the Andromeda AI supercomputer. This system features groundbreaking technology that allows for scalable and efficient training of large language models with near-perfect linear scaling. Andromeda has been a game-changer in reducing the complexity typically associated with such large-scale AI computations. Financially, Cerebras has demonstrated robust growth, supported by significant funding rounds that have enabled it to expand its global footprint and enhance its technological offerings. This expansion not only underscores Cerebras' leading position in the AI compute landscape but also reflects its ongoing commitment to transforming the capabilities and accessibility of AI technology worldwide. Through strategic innovation and strong leadership, Cerebras Systems continues to drive forward the boundaries of what is possible in artificial intelligence, making substantial impacts across a broad spectrum of industries.

Management Team

Andrew Feldman CEO, Co-Founder
Gary Lauterbach CTO, Co-Founder
Tony Maslowski VP, CFO
Sean Lie Chief Hardware Architect, Co-Founder
Michael James Chief Architect – Advanced Technologies, Co-Founder
Jean-Philippe Fricker Chief System Architect, Co-Founder

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