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Celona offers private 5G and LTE solutions tailored for enterprise environments. Specializing in wireless connectivity, Celona provides end-to-end solutions that enhance productivity and operational efficiency across various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and education. Their technology integrates seamlessly with existing networks, ensuring robust coverage, security, and scalability.

Founded: 2019

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Celona Company Overview

Founded with the mission to revolutionize enterprise connectivity, Celona delivers advanced private 5G and LTE solutions designed to meet the stringent demands of modern businesses. Celona’s comprehensive suite of products includes the Celona Edge OS, orchestrator software, and high-performance access points, creating a unified 5G LAN architecture that is both flexible and scalable. Their solutions cater to diverse industries such as manufacturing, logistics, refineries, and educational institutions, addressing specific connectivity challenges with robust and secure wireless networks. Celona’s private wireless technology is engineered to provide industrial-strength connectivity, offering superior coverage and performance compared to traditional Wi-Fi networks. This technology is particularly beneficial in environments where reliable and seamless connectivity is crucial, such as in factories, warehouses, and large campuses. By integrating seamlessly with existing enterprise IP networks, Celona’s solutions ensure minimal disruption during deployment and ongoing operations. Key to Celona’s offering is its focus on future-proofing networks. Their 5G LAN solutions are designed to support a wide range of devices and applications, ensuring that businesses can scale their operations and adopt new technologies without overhauling their network infrastructure. This flexibility is complemented by Celona’s robust ecosystem of certified devices and strategic partnerships with global integrators, enabling customers to choose the best devices and services for their specific needs. Celona’s founders bring a wealth of experience from the telecommunications and networking industries, driving the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Their expertise is reflected in Celona’s patented QoS enforcement and intelligent traffic management features, which ensure optimal performance and security for mission-critical applications. As enterprises continue to embrace digital transformation, Celona stands at the forefront, providing the reliable and scalable wireless infrastructure necessary for success.

Management Team

Rajeev Shah CEO, Co-Founder
Mehmet Yavuz CTO, Co-Founder
Laura Perrone CFO
Vinay Anneboina Co-Founder, Engineering
Ravi Mulam Co-Founder, Engineering
Brad Jones Head of Legal and HR

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