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Catalant connects businesses with a broad network of independent consultants and subject-matter experts. It offers on-demand consulting services tailored for enterprises, private equity firms, and consulting firms, enabling rapid access to expertise for strategic, operational, and technological challenges through its innovative Consulting 2.0 approach.

Founded: 2013

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Catalant, a pioneer in the modern consulting industry, connects businesses to a global network of over 100,000 vetted independent consultants, including seasoned professionals from Fortune 500 companies and leading consulting firms. The platform specializes in providing flexible, fit-for-purpose consulting services to enterprises, private equity firms, and consulting firms, addressing a wide array of strategic, operational, and technological challenges. Catalant’s Consulting 2.0 approach is designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses by offering tailored solutions that emphasize speed, flexibility, and precision. Clients can engage with independent consultants for specific projects, form specialized teams for large-scale transformations, or fill critical skill gaps with interim executives. The platform supports various domains, including corporate strategy, market research, sales and marketing, supply chain management, digital transformation, and more. Catalant's streamlined process allows businesses to post project needs, compare proposals, and collaborate with selected experts through an integrated platform. This approach ensures efficient project execution and significant cost savings compared to traditional consulting firms. With an average of one day from project posting to candidate introduction, Catalant has facilitated tens of thousands of projects, delivering impactful solutions to hundreds of businesses across multiple countries. By leveraging Catalant’s network, businesses can access elite expertise quickly, scale their consulting capabilities, and drive meaningful transformations. Catalant’s commitment to providing right-sized, transparent consulting services positions it as a leader in the new era of Consulting 2.0, empowering organizations to navigate complex business challenges with agility and efficiency.

Management Team

Pat Petitti CEO and Co-Founder
Jake Simpson Chief Revenue Officer
Louis Asber CTO
Victoria Elman Chief Legal Officer
Bill Bing CFO

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