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E-Commerce Stock is a leading provider of unified commerce and logistics solutions, specializing in optimizing operations across fulfillment, software, and services. They offer scalable systems designed for both B2B and B2C markets, empowering brands with end-to-end capabilities that enhance customer experiences, streamline order and inventory management, and drive sales across multiple channels.

Founded: 2020 Website Company Overview

Founded with a mission to revolutionize e-commerce operations, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that integrate all facets of business operations from fulfillment to customer engagement. Their platform addresses the complex needs of modern e-commerce by combining powerful technology with extensive logistics infrastructure.'s core offerings include advanced fulfillment solutions and proprietary software systems. The fulfillment services cover omnichannel strategies, warehouse automation, and contract logistics, tailored to support both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. These services are underpinned by over 8.5 million square feet of fulfillment space and the ability to process millions of orders annually, ensuring that businesses can meet customer demands efficiently. On the software side,'s Constellation OMS (Order Management System) stands out. It enables seamless integration of orders and inventory across various channels and locations, equipped with AI-powered tools for predictive inventory and demand planning. This system is pivotal for brands that require sophisticated, real-time solutions to manage complex supply chains and customer data. The commerce services offered by include growth marketing and customer engagement strategies that are channel agnostic. These services aim to boost customer acquisition, conversion, and satisfaction, supporting ongoing business growth and adaptability in a competitive marketplace. caters to a diverse array of industries, including consumer brands, B2B companies, and the public sector, each with specific needs and challenges. Their approach is highly customizable, reflecting the company's commitment to providing scalable solutions that grow with their clients. Throughout its operations, emphasizes security and efficiency, leveraging industry-best practices and cybersecurity measures to protect client data and operations. Trusted by thousands of customers globally, is a pivotal player in the e-commerce landscape, dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in all aspects of commerce and logistics.

Management Team

Omair Tariq Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ed Sturrock Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Chase Zieman Co-Founder and Chief Data Science Officer
Frank Parker Chief Financial Officer
Chris Mehrabi Chief Delivery Officer
Michael Svatek Chief Product Officer
Joe Barth Chief Logistics Officer

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