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Carta is a comprehensive equity management platform designed to support businesses from startup to IPO. They provide a suite of solutions including cap table management, valuations, SAFE financings, liquidity, and equity plan advisory. Tailored to meet the needs of companies, investors, and private equity firms, Carta helps streamline the complex processes of managing equity, financial reporting, and compliance, making it a pivotal tool for modern financial management.

Founded: 2012

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Carta Company Overview

Founded as eShares, Inc., Carta, Inc. has evolved into a leading equity management platform that offers integrated services to companies, investors, and equity owners across various stages of business growth. From its inception, Carta aimed to simplify equity management and financial operations for businesses from the early startup phase to public offering. Carta's platform offers a wide array of services, including cap table management, which provides companies with a secure and efficient way to issue, track, and manage equity. This is complemented by their 409A valuations and SAFE financings, which support businesses through audits and secure funding processes. For those looking to scale, Carta offers liquidity solutions and a comprehensive equity plan advisory to help navigate complex equity compensation scenarios. The company also caters to venture capitalists and private equity clients with services like fund administration, fund formations, and tax solutions. These services are designed to automate and streamline back-office operations, allowing clients to focus on strategic investment decisions. Carta’s ability to integrate these services with robust financial reporting tools, like ASC 820 and 409A valuations, makes it a trusted platform for financial compliance and reporting. Carta has established a substantial footprint in the financial technology landscape, trusted by over 40,000 companies and managing more than $2.5 trillion in assets. Their commitment to innovation and ease of use continues to attract a wide range of clients, making Carta a pivotal player in the equity management sector. The platform's scalable solutions support businesses through critical transitions, embodying their mission to empower the creation and management of wealth.

Management Team

Henry Ward CEO
Charly Kevers CFO
Suzanne Elovic Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
Garrett Held Chief Information Security Officer
Suzy Walther Chief People Officer

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