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Careforth offers comprehensive support to caregivers, providing personalized coaching, emotional support, and financial compensation. Their services include one-on-one coaching, custom caregiving plans, and access to local resources, ensuring caregivers receive the assistance they need while caring for their loved ones at home.

Founded: 2000

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Careforth Company Overview

Careforth, formerly known as Seniorlink, is dedicated to supporting caregivers who look after loved ones at home. Founded to address the needs of family caregivers, Careforth offers a range of services designed to provide emotional support, practical resources, and financial assistance. The company's core service, Structured Family Caregiving (SFC), connects caregivers with dedicated care coaches who offer personalized guidance and support. This program ensures caregivers are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to manage day-to-day caregiving challenges effectively. Careforth's holistic approach includes creating customized caregiving plans tailored to each family's unique needs. These plans encompass various aspects of caregiving, from medical and emotional support to logistical and financial planning. Additionally, Careforth provides twice-monthly payments to caregivers enrolled in the SFC program, recognizing the significant effort and dedication required in caregiving roles. The company also focuses on building a community among caregivers, offering resources that connect them with local support networks and other caregivers who share similar experiences. Through its blog and resource center, Careforth disseminates valuable information on caregiving best practices, mental health, and personal stories from caregivers, fostering a supportive and informed caregiving community. Careforth is accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), underscoring its commitment to high standards in caregiving services. With a mission to empower caregivers and improve the quality of life for families, Careforth continues to be a trusted partner in the caregiving journey, providing real, human-centered support to those who need it most.

Management Team

E. Byron Hensley Jr. Founder
Thomas Riley President & CEO
Amy McConnell Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer
Tom Boelson CFO
William McIvor Chief Development Officer & EVP
Mary M. Gallagher CMO & SVP

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