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Carbon3D is a leader in the 3D printing industry, providing an integrated platform for design, development, and production. The company specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions that streamline the manufacturing process from conception to production, leveraging advanced materials and software to cater to diverse industries including automotive, consumer goods, and healthcare.

Founded: 2013

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Founded with the vision to revolutionize manufacturing through digital technology, Carbon3D offers a comprehensive suite of 3D printing solutions. The company's unique Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, powered by its proprietary Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) process, significantly enhances the speed, precision, and material properties of 3D printed products. This technology allows for the creation of parts with isotropic properties that can be used right off the printer, distinguishing Carbon3D in the additive manufacturing sector. Carbon3D’s platform encompasses a variety of materials, software, and hardware that enable seamless transition from design to production. Their material offerings include rigid polyurethanes, elastomeric urethanes, and specially formulated resins for industries such as dental and orthodontics, highlighting their focus on high-performance and versatile applications. Their software suite optimizes designs for additive manufacturing, integrates with engineering workflows, and manages the production process efficiently, while their printers are renowned for their reliability and high throughput capabilities. Significant collaborations with major corporations such as Ford, Adidas, and Riddell illustrate Carbon3D’s impact across various sectors. For instance, their partnership with Adidas led to the creation of the Futurecraft 4D shoes, featuring a 3D-printed midsole, which showcases the potential of additive manufacturing in consumer products. Similarly, their work with Ford involves the production of durable, end-use automotive parts, demonstrating the industrial scalability of their technology. Strategically headquartered in Redwood City, California, Carbon3D has positioned itself at the heart of technological innovation, benefiting from its proximity to Silicon Valley's vibrant tech and startup ecosystem. This location supports their continuous innovation and collaboration with leading tech companies and academic institutions, ensuring that Carbon3D remains at the forefront of the 3D printing industry. The company's commitment to transforming production paradigms extends to its extensive educational and partnership programs, which aim to foster a broader adoption of digital manufacturing technologies across the globe.

Management Team

Ellen Kullman President, CEO
Joseph DeSimone, Ph.D. Executive Chairman, Co-Founder
Elisa de Martel CFO
Craig Carlson Chief Technology Officer
Philip DeSimone Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer

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Applications of Carbon DLS in the medical industry

In this article Xometry will be exploring the Carbon DLS 3D printing technology and its immensely beneficial role in the medical industry.

Carbon Doubles Down on Textures for 3D Printing with New Software Technique

For the past few years, I’ve been highly optimistic about the potential of textures in additive manufacturing (AM). I believe that by enhancing function and perceived value, textures could hasten consumer adoption of 3D printed goods, making them more valuable. The best texture for an orthopedic implant could be very valuable to a single orthotist, but it could even lead to a monopoly in that field. Beyond that, functional texture libraries could accelerate additive adoption even further. I was therefore hopping with glee when I learned that Carbon is researching this very topic.

Circle Launches Web3 Wallet Service for Developers

Circle announced Programmable Wallets, a wallet-as-a-service platform for developers to embed Web3 wallets in their apps and deliver user-friendly, blockchain-based experiences for their customers.

Carbon & Desktop Health Partner for FDA-approved Dental 3D Printing - | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Taking a significant stride in digital dentistry, Desktop Health and Carbon have inked a new partnership. By integrating the groundbreaking Flexcera family of resins by Desktop Health with Carbon’s digital manufacturing platform, a transformative wave is set to wash over the world of dental 3D printing. Now, a broader segment of dental professionals and their patients can access 3D printed dental solutions.

Circle Applies for Regulatory Approvals in France

Circle seeks recognition from a sophisticated regime in the EU with applications for key authorizations from French financial regulators. Learn more.

Carbon promises greater efficiencies with Gen 2 aligner model 3D printing solution

The Carbon Gen 2 aligner model solution includes new proprietary software and high-performance resin that integrates with the additive manufacturing company's existing 3D printer hardware and aligner model workflow.

Circle & Concord Acquisition Corp to End Proposed Business Combination

Circle Internet Financial (Circle) and Concord Acquisition Corp (NYSE:CND), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, today announced the mutual termination of their proposed business combination initially announced in July 2021 and amended in February 2022.

Layoffs Continue with 3D Printing Double Unicorn Carbon

Amid the continued recession, 3D printing companies are continuing a trend of layoffs. In addition to the likes of Desktop Metal, Fast Radius, and Nexa3D, Xerox has essentially eliminated its Elem Additive business, maintaining it only to support current installations of the firm’s liquid metal 3D printer. The latest firm to reduce its staff is Carbon, makers of digital light synthesis (DLS) 3D printers.