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Capsule is a modern pharmacy service that emphasizes convenience by offering free, same-day prescription delivery directly from your phone. Catering to today's busy lifestyles, Capsule simplifies the process of managing medications through a user-friendly platform, ensuring that managing health is no longer a daunting task for its customers. The service integrates seamlessly with doctors and insurance companies, providing a hassle-free experience while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Founded: 2015

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Founded with the vision of making pharmacy services more accessible and user-friendly, Capsule has redefined traditional pharmacy experience by leveraging technology to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction. This innovative company offers a streamlined process where patients can sign up through their website or app, and Capsule will handle everything from transferring prescriptions from old pharmacies or doctors to scheduling free, same-day deliveries at convenient times. Capsule’s service model is particularly notable for its integration with various health insurance plans, including commercial insurance, Managed Medicaid, and Medicare Part D. This ensures that customers only pay their usual copays, with no additional fees for the delivery service. The platform also provides proactive management of medication refills, coordinating directly with doctors to ensure that prescriptions are renewed and delivered before they run out. The user experience is further enhanced by the ability to communicate directly with pharmacists via text or chat, allowing for immediate assistance and peace of mind when it comes to medication-related queries. Capsule’s commitment to customer care is evident in its high user ratings and positive testimonials, where customers praise the intuitive design of the app and the convenience it adds to their lives. Moreover, Capsule has garnered attention from major publications for its role in simplifying the process of medication adherence, which is a critical aspect of chronic disease management. The company's approach not only improves accessibility but also ensures that patients stay on top of their health regimens without the typical hassles associated with traditional pharmacies. Capsule stands out in the digital health space by combining user-friendly technology with robust customer support, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking a more manageable and responsive pharmacy experience.

Management Team

Eric Kinariwala Founder, CEO
Sonia Patel Chief Pharmacist

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