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Capchase provides non-dilutive financing solutions for SaaS companies, enabling them to access capital based on future revenue growth. They offer products like Grow, Pay, Collect, and Infra, which facilitate scalable funding, flexible payment terms, and automated invoice collections, helping businesses enhance cash flow and accelerate growth without sacrificing equity.

Founded: 2020

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Capchase Company Overview

Capchase, a financial technology firm, was founded to empower SaaS companies with innovative, non-dilutive financing solutions. The company focuses on providing growth capital based on future recurring revenue, thus allowing tech firms to scale without sacrificing equity. Capchase's primary offerings include Grow, which advances capital tied to future revenue; Pay, which enables SaaS companies to offer flexible payment terms to customers while receiving the full annual contract value upfront; Collect, which automates invoice collection processes; and Infra, which provides banks with advanced digital lending infrastructure. These products cater to founders, CEOs, finance leaders, and sales teams, enhancing their financial flexibility and operational efficiency. Capchase has facilitated over $2.5 billion in funding, serving clients across ten countries and contributing to an average growth increase of 90% for its customers. This impressive track record underscores Capchase’s commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of SaaS companies, positioning it as a critical partner in their growth journeys. The firm’s dedication to providing scalable funding options and optimizing cash flow helps businesses extend their runways, improve top-line metrics, and reinvest in growth opportunities. By offering non-dilutive capital, Capchase enables companies to retain ownership while accelerating their growth trajectories. Additionally, the automated invoice collections through Collect reduce manual efforts and minimize revenue leakage, further enhancing financial efficiency. Capchase's innovative solutions and strategic approach to financing make it an essential resource for tech companies looking to expand sustainably. By leveraging projected revenue growth and offering tailored financial products, Capchase supports SaaS businesses in achieving their full potential without compromising equity. This approach not only accelerates growth but also ensures that companies can navigate the complexities of scaling efficiently and effectively.

Management Team

Miguel Fernandez CEO, Co-Founder
Luis Marques VP Data, Co-Founder
Ignacio Pubul Co-Founder, Platform
Laura Krivec Chief of Staff
Jonah Remz Head of Finance
Przemek Gotfryd Co-Founder, COO

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