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Calendly is a leading scheduling automation platform that simplifies the process of setting up meetings without the usual back-and-forth emails. The service caters to individuals and teams across various industries, providing solutions to enhance productivity, drive sales, and improve customer engagement through streamlined calendar coordination.

Founded: 2013

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Calendly Company Overview

Founded by Tope Awotona in 2013, Calendly has rapidly evolved into a pivotal tool for efficient time management and scheduling solutions. Its headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia, and the platform has grown to serve over 20 million users worldwide, becoming an indispensable asset for professionals across multiple sectors including sales, marketing, customer success, recruiting, IT, and education. Calendly's platform stands out by allowing users to automate their appointment scheduling by sharing their availability via a personalized link that others can use to book meetings based on predefined criteria. This eliminates the need for multiple emails and calls to find a suitable meeting time, thereby optimizing operational efficiencies. Calendly is designed to integrate effortlessly into various professional environments, supporting a smooth transition into users' existing systems and processes. The platform offers diverse subscription options from a free basic plan to advanced packages. These higher-tier plans include enhanced features such as centralized billing and priority support, along with robust integration capabilities to meet the varied needs of different users. Key to its success is its user-friendly interface and robust set of features which include automated reminders, follow-ups, and the ability to handle multi-person scheduling scenarios. These features make it an attractive choice for teams looking to improve their communication and time management without compromising on productivity. As a business, Calendly continues to expand its services and recently emphasized enhancements in security and compliance to meet the needs of larger enterprises. This focus on maintaining a secure and reliable platform demonstrates Calendly's commitment to its users' needs in an increasingly digital world. The platform's capability to streamline communication and facilitate smoother interactions makes it a critical tool for businesses aiming to maintain high efficiency and engagement in their scheduling practices.

Management Team

Tope Awotona Founder and CEO
Stephen Hsu Chief Product Officer
Jigar Desai CTO
Jassica Gilmartin Chief Revenue Officer
Tina Dobie Chief Customer Officer
John McCauley CFO
Frank Russo Chief Information Security Officer

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