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C2FO is a leading global fintech company that provides on-demand working capital solutions. It enables businesses to manage cash flow efficiently by allowing suppliers to receive early invoice payments at discounted rates. Utilizing patented technology, C2FO offers flexible, low-cost capital access, helping companies improve their financial metrics and operational efficiency.

Founded: 2008

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C2FO Company Overview

C2FO (Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization) is a global fintech firm headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. C2FO specializes in offering working capital solutions that empower businesses to manage their cash flow effectively. The company's platform enables suppliers to receive early payments on their invoices by selecting discount rates through its patented Name Your Rate® technology. This unique approach allows businesses to access low-cost capital without the need for traditional loans or factoring. C2FO serves a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, among others. The platform benefits both suppliers and buyers: suppliers can accelerate their cash flow and improve liquidity, while buyers can enhance their supply chain stability and earn returns on their cash. Major Fortune 100 companies, such as Costco, Siemens, and Pfizer, utilize C2FO's solutions to optimize their financial operations. C2FO's suite of products includes Early Pay, Invoice Central, and Dynamic Supplier Finance™, each designed to offer flexible, on-demand capital solutions tailored to the needs of different businesses. The company has a strong commitment to inclusivity and innovation, striving to create a global economy where all businesses have equitable access to capital. With operations in over 160 countries and having facilitated over $100 billion in supplier funding, C2FO continues to be a pivotal player in the financial technology sector, helping businesses unlock trapped capital and achieve their growth objectives.

Management Team

Alexander C. Kemper CEO
Sanjay Gupta President, COO
Kerri Thurston CFO
Jerod Laughlin CMO
Kevin Daniels Chief Product Officer
John Christopher CTO
Pete Thomas Chief Innovation Officer
Dru Shiner Chief Sales Officer

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