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ByteDance is a global technology company that ignites creativity and enriches life through its diverse suite of content platforms. Most renowned for its revolutionary app TikTok, ByteDance also operates other major products like Douyin, Toutiao, and Lark. It emphasizes innovation, diversity, and user engagement, catering to a wide audience with its dynamic digital solutions.

Founded: 2012

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Founded in 2012 by Yiming Zhang and Rubo Liang, ByteDance started with the vision of harnessing the growing power of mobile internet. Its first product, Toutiao, launched in 2012, was followed by the groundbreaking short video app Douyin in 2016. The acquisition of in 2017 and its merger into TikTok marked ByteDance’s aggressive expansion into the global market. This strategy proved immensely successful, making TikTok the leading platform for short-form mobile videos internationally. ByteDance's products go beyond social media; they include content platforms like Xigua and enterprise software solutions like Lark. The company has a global footprint, with over 150,000 employees across major cities worldwide, including New York, London, and Singapore. ByteDance's commitment to innovation is mirrored in its organizational culture which stresses continuous learning, efficiency, and high ethical standards. It strategically fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace, encouraging employees to think globally and embrace creativity. These efforts are foundational to its mission to enrich the lives of people around the world through technology.