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Built Robotics automates heavy construction equipment to enhance efficiency and safety on job sites. By retrofitting standard machinery with autonomous systems, they transform conventional equipment into robots capable of performing various construction tasks with minimal human oversight. Founded by industry experts, Built Robotics is at the forefront of construction robotics innovation, providing scalable and revolutionary solutions to modernize the construction industry.

Founded: 2016

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Founded to revolutionize the construction industry, Built Robotics specializes in integrating cutting-edge robotics into heavy equipment, automating tasks traditionally performed by humans. The company's primary focus is on utility-scale solar projects, where they deploy their advanced robotic systems to streamline processes like solar piling and trenching. By automating these labor-intensive and precision-critical tasks, Built Robotics significantly improves efficiency and safety on construction sites. Their technology allows for continuous operation with minimal human intervention, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and ensuring projects are completed on schedule. Built Robotics' innovation lies in its ability to retrofit existing construction machinery with autonomous systems, transforming standard equipment into fully autonomous robots. This approach not only leverages the robustness and familiarity of existing machinery but also offers a scalable solution for various construction needs. The company's robots are equipped with sophisticated sensors and software that enable precise execution of tasks, even in challenging environments. The founders of Built Robotics, including CEO Noah Ready-Campbell, bring a wealth of experience from both the technology and construction sectors. Their vision is to create a future where robots handle the most dangerous and repetitive tasks, allowing human workers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of construction. Built Robotics continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in construction automation, contributing to the advancement of the industry by providing safer, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Their commitment to innovation and excellence positions them as leaders in the field of construction robotics.

Management Team

Noah Ready-Campbell Founder, CEO
Andrew Liang Co-Founder & Lead Robotics Engineer
Paul Kelly General Manager, Australia

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