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Buffer is a comprehensive social media management platform that assists businesses and individuals in growing their social media presence. It offers tools to plan, publish, analyze, and engage with content across multiple social media channels, streamlining marketing efforts and boosting online engagement.

Founded: 2010

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Founded to simplify social media marketing, Buffer provides a suite of tools designed for effective content management and audience engagement across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The platform enables users to schedule posts, analyze social media traffic, and manage all their social accounts from a single interface, making it an indispensable tool for marketers, small business owners, and content creators. Buffer was created with the vision of making social media simpler and more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly dashboard allows for scheduling posts, tracking performance, and engaging with followers efficiently. The service is structured around several key features: creating and organizing content ideas, planning and collaborating on posts, analyzing performance metrics, and engaging directly with the audience. Additionally, Buffer offers a tailored landing page builder and an AI assistant that aids in content creation and management. One of Buffer's unique selling points is its commitment to providing a streamlined user experience and robust analytics tools. Businesses can measure their social media performance against their goals using Buffer's detailed reports and insights. Moreover, the platform supports teamwork through features like permissions levels and approval flows, which facilitate easy collaboration without micromanagement. Buffer has built a substantial user base over the years, with hundreds of thousands of active users each month. The platform prides itself on its commitment to helping users grow their online presence organically without the need for extensive manual effort. The company's approach emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness, integrating cutting-edge technology like AI to enhance user engagement and content reach. Buffer also positions itself as a values-driven company, focusing on transparency, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement of its services. The company's dedication to these principles is evident in its comprehensive customer support and regular updates to the platform, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of social media marketing technology.

Management Team

Joel Gascoigne Founder and CEO
Carolyn Kopprasch Chief of Special Projects
Dan Farrelly CTO

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