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Bringg is a leading delivery management platform designed to optimize last-mile delivery operations. It offers solutions like Delivery Hub for multi-carrier management and ROAD for fleet and driver management. Bringg helps businesses reduce costs, simplify logistics, and enhance customer experience with advanced route optimization, real-time tracking, and automated returns management.

Founded: 2013

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Founded to revolutionize the logistics and delivery industry, Bringg provides a comprehensive delivery management platform that streamlines last-mile delivery operations for businesses of all sizes. Bringg's core offerings include the Delivery Hub, which enables seamless multi-carrier management, and ROAD, a fleet and driver management solution that supports digital transformation and operational scaling. Bringg's platform integrates advanced features such as best-in-class route optimization, real-time delivery tracking, automated dispatch, and streamlined returns management. These tools not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. The company's robust technology supports various industries, including grocery, furniture, appliances, and white-glove deliveries, ensuring tailored solutions for complex delivery needs. Bringg's commitment to innovation is evident through its partnerships with leading technology vendors, consultancies, and an extensive carrier network of over 250 providers. By delivering a unified platform that supports the entire delivery journey—from scheduling and dispatch to fulfillment, tracking, and returns—Bringg empowers businesses to offer exceptional delivery experiences, increase cart conversions, and drive brand loyalty. With a proven track record of over 200 million orders shipped annually and a customer base exceeding 800 businesses, Bringg continues to set the standard for delivery management excellence. The company's solutions are designed to adapt and grow with its clients, ensuring scalable and efficient logistics operations that meet the demands of the modern e-commerce landscape.

Management Team

Guy Block CEO
Lior Sion CTO
Alon Zieve CFO
Tamir Gotfried CRO

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