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Bright Machines specializes in advanced manufacturing solutions that integrate artificial intelligence and robotic systems to revolutionize production processes. Their pioneering technologies, including the Brightware platform and Microfactories, empower businesses to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customization in manufacturing, leveraging AI-driven automation and data-driven insights to optimize the entire production lifecycle.

Founded: 2018

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Bright Machines Company Overview

Bright Machines was established to reshape traditional manufacturing through artificial intelligence and robotic automation. The company's core offering, the Brightware platform, provides a versatile foundation for automating complex manufacturing workflows, focusing on adaptability and growth potential. This platform is enhanced with 'Smart Skills'—advanced machine learning models developed for specific operational tasks such as 3D navigation and visual inspection. Central to their innovation is the concept of Microfactories—modular, software-driven configurations that revolutionize production lines. These systems are designed for flexibility and scalability, allowing for seamless adjustments and configurations in production processes, thereby significantly reducing setup time and costs associated with conventional manufacturing practices. Bright Machines is well recognized within the industry for their cutting-edge approach and has received numerous accolades from prominent industry bodies. They have been particularly impactful in high-precision sectors like electronics and automotive, where their automated solutions streamline production and enhance product customization. With headquarters in San Francisco and additional operations in Guadalajara and Tel Aviv, Bright Machines continues to grow internationally. They remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of industrial automation by refining their AI capabilities and enhancing their technological offerings, ensuring they stay at the leading edge of the manufacturing sector.

Management Team

Amar Hanspal CEO
Tzahi Rodrig COO
Brian Mathews CTO
Abhishek Pani Senior Vice President, Product Management
Bill Griffin Chief Revenue Officer
Fiorella Dettorre Chief Human Resources Officer
Greg Eden Chief Marketing Officer
Victoria Libin Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary
Craig Foster CFO

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