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Braven Environmental is a pioneer in advanced recycling technology, specializing in innovative solutions for waste plastic management. Utilizing their proprietary Braven Reactor Train™, the company processes nearly 90% of waste plastics, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional plastic disposal. Braven's technology offers a sustainable alternative by converting waste into valuable second-life products, catering to industries such as medical, food, and industrial sectors.

Founded: 2010

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Founded with a vision to tackle the global crisis of waste plastics, Braven Environmental has emerged as a leader in the plastic recycling industry. The company’s breakthrough technology, the Braven Reactor Train™ (BRT™), addresses the significant challenges of plastic waste management by transforming nearly 90% of waste plastics into reusable materials. This innovative approach not only diverts plastics from landfills and oceans but also substantially cuts down the carbon emissions compared to traditional recycling methods. The core of Braven's technology lies in its efficiency and scalability. Unlike conventional mechanical recycling, which only processes about 10% of used plastics, Braven's advanced pyrolysis-based system can handle a wide array of plastic types, offering a robust solution to the plastic pollution problem. This technology not only supports the circular economy but also provides substantial environmental benefits, such as significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as validated by studies like those conducted by Argonne National Laboratory. Braven Environmental is strategically expanding its operations, with new facilities designed to be operational within months, underscoring the company’s commitment to rapid and scalable solutions. These facilities are pivotal in Braven's mission to give waste plastics a valuable second life, thus supporting global efforts towards sustainability. The company's influence extends beyond environmental impact; it is also a notable contributor to economic development. Braven has been recognized for its innovative waste solutions and has received accolades and certifications like the ISCC Plus Recertification, reflecting its adherence to stringent sustainability standards. At the helm of Braven Environmental are leaders with deep expertise in both the environmental sector and corporate management. Their forward-thinking leadership is crucial as the company continues to innovate and expand its technological capabilities and market reach. Braven Environmental stands at the forefront of addressing the plastic waste dilemma with effective, sustainable, and economically viable solutions, setting a benchmark in the recycling industry and fostering a greener future.

Management Team

Jim Simon Chief Executive Officer
Heath DePriest Chief Operating Officer
Jesse Goellner Ph.D Chief Technology Officer
Michael Moreno Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer
Jeffrey Neumann Chief Administrative Officer

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