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Brandwatch is a leading provider of digital consumer intelligence and social media management solutions. It offers tools to understand consumer behavior, monitor brand reputation, and create data-driven content strategies. Trusted by major global brands, Brandwatch integrates advanced AI to provide actionable insights across social and traditional media platforms.

Founded: 2007

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Brandwatch Company Overview

Brandwatch is a prominent player in digital consumer intelligence and social media management. The company was established by Giles Palmer in Brighton, UK, and has grown to serve a diverse range of industries worldwide. Brandwatch's comprehensive suite includes Consumer Intelligence, Social Media Management, and Influencer Marketing, which empower businesses to understand and engage with their audience effectively. The Consumer Intelligence platform leverages vast datasets and advanced AI to analyze consumer sentiment, trends, and market dynamics, providing businesses with crucial insights for strategic decision-making. The Social Media Management tool helps brands manage their presence across various social platforms, facilitating content creation, scheduling, and audience engagement. The Influencer Marketing solution enables brands to identify and collaborate with key influencers to amplify their reach. Brandwatch's innovative technologies, such as the Iris AI, offer sophisticated data analysis and visualization capabilities, making it easier for businesses to interpret complex data and take timely actions. Additionally, the company provides specialized services through expert analysts who offer tailored insights and strategic recommendations. Trusted by an overwhelming majority of Forbes 100 most valuable brands, Brandwatch continues to be a leader in helping organizations navigate the fast-paced digital landscape. The company's commitment to providing high-quality, actionable intelligence has cemented its reputation as a vital resource for businesses aiming to optimize their social media strategies and achieve measurable results.

Management Team

Giles Palmer Founder & CEO
Chris Bingham CTO
Dan Freund CRO
Will McInnes CMO
Rebecca Carson Chief Product Officer
Katja Garood Chief Design Officer

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