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Brain Corp is a technology company specializing in AI and robotic solutions. Their flagship product, BrainOS, powers the largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots, providing advanced capabilities in areas such as inventory management, floor care, and remote site management. Serving various industries including retail, healthcare, and hospitality, Brain Corp aims to enhance operational efficiency and intelligence through automation.

Founded: 2009

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Brain Corp is a pioneer in AI and robotics, headquartered in San Diego, California. The company is renowned for its BrainOS platform, which is the leading autonomy software for robotic and AI applications. BrainOS drives a wide range of autonomous mobile robots, enabling businesses to automate essential tasks and integrate intelligent systems into their operations. Brain Corp’s solutions span multiple industries, including retail, healthcare, education, and hospitality. In retail, BrainOS enhances inventory management by using robots to accurately track and manage stock levels, ensuring products are correctly placed and priced. For floor care, BrainOS-powered robots offer autonomous cleaning, providing consistent and efficient sanitation, which is crucial in environments like hospitals and schools. The platform also supports remote site management, allowing for virtual oversight and management of multiple locations, reducing the need for on-site visits and enhancing operational efficiency. Key products include the BrainOS Clean Suite, which focuses on autonomous cleaning solutions, and the BrainOS Sense Suite, which specializes in inventory management. Brain Corp collaborates with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate its advanced robotic solutions into their products. Brain Corp’s mission is to create a safer, more efficient future through innovative AI and robotic technologies, continuously pushing the boundaries of what autonomous systems can achieve in real-world applications.

Management Team

Dr. Eugene Izhikevich Co-Founder & CEO
Jon Thomason CTO
Shawn Swaney CFO
David Pinn Chief Strategy Officer

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