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Boxabl is a innovative construction company that specializes in mass-producing affordable, foldable homes designed for rapid deployment and assembly. Their innovative approach utilizes scalable manufacturing techniques akin to automotive production, focusing on efficiency and affordability. Boxabl’s primary offering, the Casita, epitomizes compact, resistant, and adaptable living spaces, making homeownership accessible to a broader audience.

Founded: 2017

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Boxabl Company Overview

Boxabl was established in 2017 by Paolo and Galiano Tiramani, aiming to disrupt the traditional housing market by creating foldable, cost-effective homes using scalable production processes. They leveraged Paolo’s expertise in industrial design and Galiano's entrepreneurial skills to develop a proprietary building technology that supports the rapid deployment of homes. Their flagship model, the Casita, is a versatile accessory dwelling unit that can be deployed in about an hour, providing a durable and space-efficient living area of 375 square feet with necessary amenities. It’s designed to withstand various environmental challenges, ensuring long-term sustainability and comfort. Boxabl’s business has expanded significantly, marked by securing a substantial federal contract to supply homes for military use, demonstrating the practicality and demand for their products. Their operations began in a Las Vegas facility with future plans for larger-scale production, reflecting their vision to innovate and scale the construction of affordable homes while minimizing environmental impact.

Management Team

Galiano Tiramani Co-Founder and Director
Paolo Tiramani Co-Founder and CEO
Kyle Denman Co-Founder and Director of Engineering
Martin Costas CFO

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