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Bowery Farming revolutionizes agriculture with high-tech indoor vertical farms, producing fresh, pesticide-free greens using AI-driven systems. Leveraging renewable energy and using 90% less water, Bowery's farms offer sustainable, local produce with peak flavor. Their advanced technology ensures efficient, year-round production, making fresh greens accessible to urban communities.

Founded: 2015

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Bowery Farming is transforming agriculture through the use of indoor vertical farming technology, which produces fresh, pesticide-free greens all year round. Their innovative BoweryOS system integrates artificial intelligence, software, and hardware to optimize the growing conditions of each crop, ensuring superior quality and taste. This advanced approach results in 100 times more produce per square foot compared to traditional farming, while using 90% less water and 100% renewable energy. Bowery's farms, known as Boweries, are strategically located near major East Coast metropolitan areas to ensure swift delivery of fresh produce. For instance, the Nottingham Bowery in Maryland converts industrial spaces into productive farmland, while the Kearny R&D Bowery in New Jersey is dedicated to research and development, continuously enhancing their farming techniques. The Bethlehem Bowery in Pennsylvania is another example, turning a former steel mill into a cutting-edge agricultural site. Bowery Farming's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their efficient use of resources. By eliminating the need for pesticides and reducing water usage, they significantly lower their environmental impact. Additionally, their focus on local production minimizes the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation, ensuring that communities receive the freshest produce possible. The company’s innovative practices have positioned it as a leader in the vertical farming industry. By prioritizing sustainability, efficiency, and local food production, Bowery Farming is setting new standards for agricultural practices. Their dedication to advancing technology in farming not only addresses current food production challenges but also paves the way for a more sustainable future. Through their efforts, Bowery Farming is making a significant impact on how food is grown and consumed, providing fresh, nutritious produce to urban populations year-round.

Management Team

Irving Fain CEO and Founder
Darren Thompson CFO
Katie Seawell Chief Commercial Officer
Injong Rhee Chief Technology Officer
Henry Sztul Chief Science Officer
Caralyn Cooley Chief People Officer

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