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Booster Fuels is a leading on-demand mobile fuel delivery service dedicated to transforming the fueling experience. By delivering fuel directly to fleet vehicles, Booster enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes environmental impact. The company serves various sectors including fleets, public, and private entities, offering traditional and renewable energy solutions across major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Founded: 2015

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Booster Fuels Company Overview

Founded to innovate the traditional fueling process, Booster Fuels has emerged as a pivotal player in the mobile fuel delivery industry. The company's mission is to make fueling effortless and environmentally responsible by eliminating the need for vehicles to travel to fuel stations. This service model not only saves time but also reduces carbon emissions significantly. Booster Fuels provides a wide range of energy solutions including gasoline, diesel, renewable diesel, biodiesel, ethanol blends, synthetic blends, and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). Their technology integrates seamlessly with fleet management systems, providing comprehensive fuel and energy insights that help businesses manage their fuel consumption more effectively. The proprietary technology, including the Smart Tanker, enables precise fuel delivery and integrates data analytics for operational optimization. Operating in dozens of major U.S. metropolitan areas, Booster has tailored its services to meet the needs of various industries such as landscaping, transportation, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Their commitment to safety and sustainability is evident through strict adherence to regulatory standards and proactive engagement in reducing environmental impact. Through its services, Booster Fuels addresses common challenges in the fleet management industry such as fuel theft, inefficiency, and excessive costs associated with traditional fueling methods. Their solution notably decreases the risk of fuel card fraud and improves the overall financial and operational security of fuel management. With a focus on customer-centric solutions and sustainable practices, Booster continues to lead in mobile fuel technology, delivering reliability and value to its diverse client base.

Management Team

Frank Mycroft Founder, CEO
Diego Netto Founder, Technology
Tyler Raugh Founder, Sales and Operations
Jason Godley CFO
Bennett Porter CMO
Paul Teyssier CPO
David Sandifer VP, Operations
Joseph Okpaku Chief Policy Officer

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