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Boom Supersonic is an aerospace company focused on developing supersonic commercial airplanes. Its flagship project, Overture, aims to revolutionize air travel by offering sustainable, high-speed flights, significantly reducing travel times. Emphasizing speed, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, Boom is committed to making supersonic travel an everyday reality. The Overture will feature advanced aerodynamics, noise reduction technologies, and be optimized for 100% sustainable aviation fuel, highlighting Boom's dedication to innovative and environmentally friendly aviation solutions.

Founded: 2014

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Founded to revolutionize air travel, Boom Supersonic is an innovative aerospace company dedicated to making the world dramatically more accessible through supersonic flight. The company's flagship aircraft, Overture, is designed to be the fastest and most sustainable commercial airliner, capable of flying at speeds of Mach 1.7. Overture is optimized for 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), underscoring Boom's commitment to environmentally responsible aviation. The company was founded by Blake Scholl, who envisioned a future where affordable, efficient, and fast air travel is a reality. Boom Supersonic's mission is to bring supersonic flight back to the skies, twenty years after the Concorde's retirement. Their demonstrator aircraft, the XB-1, has been a crucial step towards achieving this goal, showcasing the technology and design principles that will be employed in Overture. Boom has established partnerships with major airlines, including American Airlines and United Airlines, securing significant orders and pre-orders for the Overture. Japan Airlines is also a strategic partner, collaborating to bring commercial supersonic travel to the global market. Boom Supersonic is not just focused on speed but also on sustainability and efficiency. The Overture will feature advanced aerodynamics, noise reduction technologies, and be the first commercial aircraft optimized for SAF. The company's Symphony engine, developed specifically for Overture, ensures optimal performance while maintaining environmental standards. With its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, Boom Supersonic continues to push the boundaries of aerospace innovation, aiming to make supersonic travel an everyday reality for passengers around the world.

Management Team

Blake Scholl Founder, CEO
Ryan Scott Senior VP, Global Sales
Brad Downes VP of Finance
Greg Krauland Chief Engineer, XB-1

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