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Booksy is a dynamic online platform tailored for booking appointments with beauty and wellness professionals across various cities in the United States. It facilitates easy scheduling for services ranging from haircuts and massages to nail care and makeup applications, streamlining the connection between beauty specialists and clients.

Founded: 2014

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Booksy Company Overview

Founded with the mission to modernize the appointment booking process in the beauty and wellness industry, Booksy offers a comprehensive online platform where clients can discover and book services with local professionals. The platform supports a wide array of services including hair styling, barbershops, nail salons, skincare, massages, and more, ensuring a versatile booking experience for diverse client needs. The user-friendly interface of Booksy allows customers to effortlessly search and book appointments based on location, service type, and availability, making it convenient for users to manage their beauty and wellness regimes. This seamless integration of technology helps in reducing wait times and enhances customer satisfaction by providing a straightforward way to schedule and confirm services instantly. Behind Booksy's innovative approach are its founders, who envisioned a digital solution to the often cumbersome process of booking beauty and wellness services. By leveraging technology, they aimed to empower both service providers and consumers by enhancing accessibility and efficiency. In addition to its core booking services, Booksy also engages its users with a blog that offers beauty tips, style trends, and professional advice, adding value to its community by sharing industry insights and fostering a connection with its audience. Booksy stands out in the digital landscape through its focus on convenience, a broad spectrum of services, and a commitment to improving the customer experience in the beauty and wellness sectors. The platform continues to expand its offerings and reach, constantly adapting to new trends and customer preferences in the market.

Management Team

Stefan Batory CEO, Co-Founder
Malgorzata Szturmowicz Co-CFO
Mathias Hoyer Co-CFO
Pawel Sobkowiak CTO
Konrad Howard CPO, Co-Founder

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